March 2009
Review "BigBootySpankings" (by Michael Tapir)
In July 2008 I reported about a new website "" which was exactly dedicated to its title: the spanking of big booties. As these are mainly to be found with black or ethnic girls, I considered it my duty to report about it on my website "Ebony Spanking" (Read this report). At the time of startup I was only able to give you a summary of contents which I had taken from their samples. Since that time the page and the number of editions (DVDs, Videodownloads and Picture Galleries) has grown, and I got the opportunity to inspect all their material edited so far. So I am able not only to repeat the publicity promotion of webmaster Zodiac, but also to give you this review created out of my own impressions.
Today they additionally have big booties and spankings of white and latina girls too, and that's o.k., because every bum and spanking freak would like to watch all kind of exciting booty (me too!), and you really get plenty of it! In the trailer of all videos there is a brief written explanation why the girls have earned their spankings. So you can completely concentrate on the following spanking action. Every episode has different culprits, acting and reacting in different ways. All girls are very shapely and beautiful, all appear in very sexy outfits, but finally it is always on the bare. Master Zodiac, the creator of the the videos, is acting as a very experienced spanker. The spankings themselves presently are mainly handspankings over the knee, but there is a very good camera guidance, looking up the scene from different angles and closeups, so it will be a true life witnessing. Very exciting also to watch these juicy round bubble asses jiggling and twitching when the swats make impact. Not to forget that nice tempting sound of the numerous slaps. No episode is lasting longer than about 15 minutes, an absolute realistic and never boring time. And, if that is not enough for you, you may switch to another episode or make a replay of the scenes which provide the utmost arousal to you.
As I specialized on blacks, I will especially review their videos and I selected those which in my opinion are the most remarkable ones, or, in other words, my favourites, but there is no special ranking in the following vids. I repeat the short descriptions (in italic) of webmaster Zodiac and then add some stills which I captured.
1. The Curfew   Claudia comes home drunk after a night of wild partying. Zodiac told her that he expected her to be home before midnight, but she disrespected him by staying out all night. Not a very smart move! See how soon she's had enough.
2. The Loan   Vanessa borrows money from Zodiac. Unable to pay him she receives a hard spanking. When at home Zodiac finds a pile of clothing bills. After confronting his wife he spanks her ass good!
3. The Credit Card Bills   Kimberly stars in this episode as Tracy, the girlfriend crime lord Zodiac. When Zodiac finds out that Tracy spent major dough on clothes and shoes, even though he told her not to use his credit card anymore, she gets her ass thoroughly thrashed. (congratulations to Zodiac, a very beautiful girl indeed! Many of us and me too would like to give her a good spanking!)
4. Finally the latest issue (Vol. 7)  Starring highly bootylicious Dignity, a very feminine bombshell with everything at the right place. In the first episode she gets her gorgeous booty well in position, shaking and wiggling seductively. Zodiac gives her rump a good massage, oiling up her big globes. Continued in the second part its time to start spanking her shining globes. She seems to be more halfcast than pure ebony, but very lovely anyway and thats what we like. Make up your own mind!
Dressed in a slutty outfit that shows off her big booty, Dez visits Zodiac, Member of the jury to do audition for a new episode of America's Next Top Spankee. When she hears all parts have been filled already, she begs Zodiac for a chance. Eager to prove that she's got what it takes to make the cut, she drapes herself over Zodiac's knee and offers her big butt for him to do whatever he wants. Zodiac plays with her ass, squeezing and kneading the juicy cheeks.
There are some more stills in these galleries:
Gallery #1
Gallery #2
All pictures showing mainly OTK handspankings. Unfortunately the Site "BigBootySpankings" is no longer availabble.