Mar. 2023
Review Ebony Chanell H.
Chanell Heart, an afro-american ebony, born 1993 started her carreer as model in the commercial porn scene in 2013. (Read more about her vita in this Report).
Her measurements 32-24-36 at a height of 1,63 m and a beutiful fresh face helped her to be successful in the modelling business. It is reported that she did about 200 videos, but there are no dates of production available and I don't know if presently she is still active. In some videos which seem to be from a later period the size of her booty appears somewhat bigger than those originally noticed 36 inches. Her round and shapely booty makes her indeed very suitable as spanking model but spanking videos of her are very rare. So I only found her participating at a few well known FF-spanking labels which I presented in a collection together with some introducing teaser videos.
By a recent research about Chanell's vita and her activities I found out that she is mainly engaged in all fields of Porn and Sex: From seducing self presenting teasers with masterbating to lesbian sex and plenty of fucking in all positions and cock sucking. This is not subject of my site and if someone is eager in watching those actions he will find plenty of free stuff through search machines (e.g. Pornstar Chanell Heart). The following two short clips will introduce Chanell:
Attention, don't run videos simultaneously to avoid sound interference!
Shanell also is not shy in publishing plenty of erotic photos of herself in the web. There are many picture galleries which are similar in presenting Chanell and her intimate parts: especially her pussy and her ass, also tearing them wide apart for inviting close-up shots. I only selected a couple of photos which are showing her completely and not in intimate details of her body, but her butt is well in sight and arousing our desire to be spanked:
In the few FF-spanking videos which I primarily found it is mainly OTK Handspanking and not severe. Also during lesbian action there is some ass worshipping with massage, licking, pinching and a few slaps. This is also often done before or within sexual intercourse. It is nice and soft and we acually would like to see more to serve our passion.
After that kind of softcore it was quite surprising that she did some real hardcore porn videos at different relevant labels like where she undergoes the full range of hardcore porn: bound, gagged, helplessly fixed tormented and violated with vibrators and fucking implements. She is roughly groped and whipped all over. But still after a long session she looks very relieved and healthy. So in the end her treatment must not have been as severe as it looks like. Shurely she will have earned much money in those sadistic actions and it is hard to believe that it satisfied her because of masochistic predisposition. It looks wicked when the flogger swishes down on her vouptuous pussy and the cane bites into her thighs and cleft well available fixed in diaper position. In fact there are no marks left and the utmost sizzling scenes are only skilfully staged to appear truly realistic.
Once more we recognize the mixture between sex and porn or in other words with normal and extreme. It is quite a big subject which contains and combines many desires and activities and it is always a question of personal aspect if it's beautiful, odd, or disgusting. In previous reports I often mentioned such points of contact and border crossings between different practices. I do not agree with everything but I approve spanking very much though others may find it odd. For me it is a sexual stimulating spice which must not be brutal or leave injuries. But a sexually kinky brat should well deserve corporal punishment. And--- not seldom they look upon it as a welcome spicy variety to "normal" sex and intercourse.
I added some new videos of that hardcore section with severe punishments to Chanell's collection. I leave it to you if and how you like them. All in all it belongs to Chanell's work in porn business, and always remember: it is just only staged for your pleasure or deterrence.
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