Jul. 2015
Gymnast Anna Grant at Firmhandspanking.com  (reviewed by Michael Tapir)
Since many years Firmhandspanking.com is engaged in producing and selling spanking videos. During that long time plenty of beautiful models have participated, and there were also some very remarkable black ladies among them. You will also find well known models which are acting for several different producers but some are only exclusively at firmhandspanking. We like to see fresh and new faces and bottoms, and firmhandspanking has an excellent talent in finding them and making them to stage for us.
A spankee at firmhandspanking is presented in a collection of videos under a certain motto. Every single video within a collection is independant and has its own start and end. Spankings are given with different tools, sometimes also in different and elegant surroundings, but always starring the same actors. The runtime of these videos is around 12 minutes which I believe to be very adequate; and if you prefer to see more, it is no problem to switch to the next video in the series.
In an earlier review I already reported about that outstanding model Jana Tatum and those great spanking videos Firmhand had shot. Now they are introducing a brand new black girl called Anna Grant and there are five videos available in the collection "Gymnast Anna Grant (A - E)". Look at the following portrait pictures of lovely Anna and you will not withstand the temptation to see more of her.
Anna has not only a perfect well trained and flexible body but is also a very self-assured person. Though she makes her exercises very well she is always doing some wayward things during breaks which consequently earns her punishments by her coach. Her skimpy and sexy gymdress is no protection at all, but her coach additionally gives her a wedgie to make it more painful for her, and bare bottom or stark naked strapping is also an option. Very nice to watch her getting spanked on the billard table in the final sequence (E).
Read the plot descriptions of Anna's spanking videos:
Gymnast Anna Grant (A)
Gymnast Anna Grant bare her bottom for a well-deserved lesson in timekeeping.
Cute black gymnast Anna Grant, our latest newbie, discovers that a well-spanked bottom is what Earl Grey calls motivation - and shes in Gymnast Hell for a week! Her tight booty soon warms up under his hand, despite her constant struggling.
Subtitle: Debut handspanking for being late for an appointment with her motivation coach
Gymnast Anna Grant (B)
Anna Grant over Earl Greys knee for a long attitude adjustment spanking.
Im not sure what this is teaching me, says college gymnast Anna Grant in Gymnast Hell, as her tight bare bottom is spanked long and hard over 300 times for poor attitude.
Subtitle: 334 smack spanking for sassy gymnast teaches her a lesson in humility
Gymnast Anna Grant (C)
Ultra-flexible gymnast Anna Grant superbly spanked for misuse of her cellphone.
Earl Grey is always firm but fair. When gym-toned, tight-bodied Anna Grant gives him insolence instead of obedience, out comes his stinging leather paddle. Its Gymnast Hell as the paddle tans Annas hide first over shorts, then panties and bare bottom.
Subtitle: Tight buns paddled for not putting away her phone when told
Gymnast Anna Grant (D)
Nude workout and a nude belting: gymnast Anna Grants evening from hell.
After working out totally nude, tight-bodied gymnast Anna Grant uses the faculty members bathroom. Caught by Earl Grey, already stripped, shes bent over the bath to be strapped with his belt on her bottom and thighs, gyrating on the spot. Ouchie!
Subtitle: Nude strapping for being off limits in a faculty bathroom
Gymnast Anna Grant (E)
Tears of contrition from gymnast Anna Grant in spanking and strapping finale.
Toned gymnast beauty Anna Grant graduates with a stunning spanking and strapping from Earl Grey that reduces her to tears. See her bottom and thighs tanned in Gymnast Hell with classic Reaction Cam shots capturing every grimace: what a finale!
Subtitle: Spanked and strapped on her bottom and thighs in finale punishment
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Gymnaste Anna Grant chez Firmhandspanking.com
Depuis de nombreuses années Firmhandspanking.com s'engage dans la production et la vente de vidéos fessée. Pendant ce temps beaucoup de beaux modèles ont participé, et il y avait aussi quelques dames noires très remarquables parmi eux. Vous trouverez également des modèles bien connus qui agissent pour plusieurs producteurs différents, mais certains on trouve exclusivement au firmhandspanking. Nous aimons à voir des visages et des fonds frais et nouveaux, et firmhandspanking a un excellent talent à les trouver et de les mettre en scène pour nous.
Chaq'une fessé à firmhandspanking est présenté dans une collection de vidéos dans une certaine devise. Chaque vidéo unique au sein d'une collection est indépendante et possède son propre début et de fin. Fessées sont donnés avec des outils différents, parfois aussi dans environnements différents et élégantes, mais toujours avec les mêmes acteurs. La durée de ces vidéos est d'environ 12 minutes, ce qui je crois être très convenable; et si vous préférez voir plus, il n'y a aucun problème pour regarder une autre vidéo dans la série.
Dans un commentaire précédent je l'ai déjà signalé à propos de ce modèle exceptionnel Jana Tatum et ces grandes vidéos de fessée Firmhand avait prises. Maintenant, ils mettent en place une nouvelle fille noire appelée Anna Grant et il ya cinq vidéos disponibles dans la collection "Gymnaste Anna Grant (A - E)". Regardez les photos de belle Anna et vous ne serez pas résister à la tentation de voir plus d'elle. Anna n'a pas seulement un corps bien formé et flexible parfait, mais est aussi une personne très sûre de soi. Même si elle fait ses exercices très bien, elle est toujours en train de faire certaines choses rebelles pendant les pauses qui par consequence sont punís par son entraîneur. Son sexy gymdress donne pas de protection du tout, mais son entraîneur lui donne en outre un wedgie pour le rendre plus douloureux pour elle, et une fessée tout nu est aussi une option. Très agréable de la regarder fessée sur la table de billard dans la séquence finale (E).