Jul. 2023
Spanked Ebonies at Realspankings.com
Everybody interested in Spanking will know Realspankingsnetwork (RSN), where you find plenty of spanking videos, pictures and links to affiliate sites. The basic label Realspankings.com was founded by Michael Masterson and went online in 1997. It proved as an enormous success, and soon more associated sites followed. Take some time and read this extended informative Article about Michael Masterson on external website!
Perhaps not all of you will know that among their numerous models there are also some very attractive black girls. As my site is dedicated to ebony spanking, I consider it my duty to write this report. But I am not sure if all of their early editions are still available today at RSN shop, and a paid membership is requested to search it and select items you would like to buy there. But I have saved several of those old files which came from free available promoting samples of RSN itself or other free sources in the web.
Marissa and Janelle were ebony models of the first years which were only working with RSN. Me and a friend from England especially liked the spankings of Marissa, a very shapely young lady acting as schoolgirl, new institute inmate or cheerleader. The video "Marissa's Dresscode Punishment" in short dress and without panties depicts a classical reason for spanking punishment. RSN tells to have done 7 scenes with Marissa, but I have arranged 9 clips resp. videos in my collection, perhaps in my archives some scenes were parts from longer sessions or additional promoting clips.
According to the information from RSN, Ebony Janelle recorded 21 scenes mainly around 2006-2007 as far as to be seen in the branding of the videos. Therefore, my video collection of Janelle contains 20 items. Janelle is somewhat skinny, but bent over her bottom appears very shapely and round, a good target for all kinds of spankings. After receiving the belt or wooden paddle, her ass also shows that typical white marks of beaten ebony buttocks.
If you ask for my favorite, it would be Marissa without doubt (and also in many forums this attitude of mine is confirmed). In her school uniform, pleated miniskirt and white socks, and with those innocent rolling eyes, she plays her role absolutely realistic. And her bum also marks perfectly with those typical white patches on black skin, when the belt lashes down on her bare globes! All of this can be admired in the classical video "Marissa Dress Code".
There are still more ebony models at RSN, either only there or in recent years also appearing at other producers. A special favorite of mine is Nuna Starks. I reported about Nuna with links to her videos, including those she did at RSN. Except Nuna, we also find videos with popular ebony models like Cupcake Sinclair, Dani Hunt and just recently Kiki Cali (who is very light colored and more halfcast than ebony).
Presently you will find internal links at the bottom of this site to the mentioned video colletions and Report Spanked Coeds. This label and its videos is now also affiliated with RSN. I still have some videos of more ebony models which are only acting at RSN. But they did not do so many and I intend to edit them later in a third new collection. So keep watching for updates.
Notice: Sites of RSN don't have a security certificate and if I posted links some browsers might refuse connection. So please type the URLs yourself without http or https but only with www.
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