Sept. 2022
An unexpected Surprise, but yet very hot  (by Michael oldtapir)
Recently I found a video of a very remarkable privat Spanking session which was shared from Spankingtube in a German Spanking forum. A white man was spanking a very shapely ebony with plenty of different tools and videotaped the complete session with a runtime of 45 minutes. It was so fascinating to watch how this marvelous perfectly shaped black butt took this long lasting treatment. This induced me to comment:
Fantastic! Such a beautiful, tight Ebony butt really gets what it deserves and is made for! An unusually long session with handspanking and many tools. One always waits for her to have got enough bagging to stop, but she takes this multitude of hearty slaps with composure: She obviously likes it! Nice to look at.
I don't want to interrupt you in reading this article by spending much time in watching the long fulltime video (Link at bottom of site). Therefore I extracted some scenes which I assembled in the following short trailer:
Additionally I add screenshots from this spanking session displaying different tools which were used, and an enlarged view to admire this gorgeous ebony butt and upper thighs (pics may be enlarged by click):
I had already decided to share the complete video in my video section, but before I did so, I made an investigation in hope to find perhaps some more remarkable videos from that guy and this attractive black "lady". My search was successful but also a great surprise. I found another video which was preceeding the vidoe I had talked about on top. In the account info "about me" of the videomaker I read "interested in guys", and the underwear in which the spankee appeared on startup of this first video was also manlike. Judging from this body and partly visible hairstyle I had never doubted that "she" was a boy! But he had always kept his legs closed, no chance to take a glimpse on his genitals, nor was he ever shown from the frontside.
So far I had always reported about spankings of ebony girls, but a cute young ebony boy is not less attractive to get his firm and "ladylike" bottom soundly spanked. So why not report about ebony guys too on a site called "Ebony Spanking". Once again I extracted some scenes from this fulltime video (Link at bottom of site) with different tools like brushes, paddles and straps:
Again I am showing screenshots from this spanking action. His underpants are pulled down for bare bottom spanking. Later they are pulled up to a wedgie while spanking continues on bare cheeks. He reacts on the swats with some leg kicking, but never permits us any look upon his sexe. But in one final scene when he leaves for a short break with underpants up, we may watch his bulge (but no erection) in front: Definately a boy!
Both videos are showing well presented excellent spanking action which is never boring or offending but simply breathtaking, sexy and hot. Worth watching to enjoy and dream. I would vote five stars!
In this context I would like to give you notice of another video where an ebony boy receives a spanking and belting punishment by another man. In this case the boy is sexually aroused by the spanking which results in a tremendous erektion and his penis is popping out of his underpants. This does not remain hidden to his spanker and he relieves the boy with a good handjob after the spanking on bare butt. The video is on my server from another article, and you may take the third link below to watch it.
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