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Slavery is as old as mankind and everyone knows examples from history, which I don't need to report on here. In general, slavery means exercising power over other people and exploiting or abusing them. Because of its long traditional past with so many powerful profiteers it took plenty of time to abolish it. Nowadays, this extreme form would be a crime and punishable. But occasionally still today there are reports from third world countries that especially children and women are sold, abused, exploited and held captive or in slavery.
Today's modern slavery does not follow the strict traditional patterns. Not all conditions must be fulfilled to be called like that. People must not be held captive if they don't have a choice of running away because they are dependent on their exploiters. When they are not paid sufficiantly or have poor working conditions, we speak of modern slavery. This problem exists also within the family where weaker members like children or women suffer from exploitation or rape and cannot defend themselves. Often they are also exposed to physical violence and punishment.
Whenever we read a headline on the subject of modern slavery or slave punishment, this wakes up our curiosity and we continue reading the whole article. That's quite a phenomenon, because deep inside the brain even of a "normal" human there is a hidden corner filled with sinister fantasies. And if the article does not describe the expected details, we complete it with our own imaginations. These fantasies have an authentic origin dating back to colonial times, when African slaves were severely punished and whipped by their masters or supervisors, and black women had to be sexually willing towards their masters. The women had no chance. If they refused, they would be severely beaten up, and if their master was a sadist, they would still be beaten nevertheless for his pleasure and the increase of his sexual lust.
This is the connection between punishing a femal slave and BDSM. Certain punishments of slaves, like being restrained in chains or bound and hung up for naked whipping of all parts of the body with special treatment of ass, pussy and tits, are common methods of BDSM. An additional spice is provided by all kind of special equipment like collars, harness, blindfolding masks, handcuffs, corsetts and mouthgags. Groups and clubs which are practicing BDSM have specially equipped rooms with lots of accessories for BDSM use. Professional video producers own and use such facilities too, as well as and some private fans of BDSM. Often, BDSM is also practiced outdoors, which is adding an additional appeal for some persons. This is the case in the video examples from africa which I added here. The participation of black models again connects to slavery and maltreatment of black female slaves. Therefore, this topic also has its place on this homepage.
The sample videos nos. 1-6 are all produced in african outdoor locations. Despite their different brandings they are all joined today and available at The sources of all videos shown on this site are from free promotional sites like xVideos, Pornhub or similar ones. Some have been in my archives for more than a decade which explains some lack of quality and some were modified by me. Registered Members (P) will find more versions and other BDSM videos at Links listed below. Except those special african BDSM videos I added two videos from other producers. Video no. 8 is from the Network who are producing many BDSM videos with black models participating. The actress in this video is beautiful pornstar Ana Foxxx (read report). All selected samples on this site contain spankings; corresponding fulltime videos may also contain intercourse or sexual abuse scenes.
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