April. 2023
Agoodspankin c/o. Spankingtube  (reviewed by Michael Tapir)
Actually agoodspankin*) looks more like a thing. But there is a user at Spankingtube behind this nickname and he is a very busy one because since he started his membership in 2009 he posted nearly 100 free FM personal spanking videos of different length with many different models. I came upon him by accident and as there are some ebonies among his spankees I report about the videos he made with them. The main purpose of his membership is to find willing girls who need and deserve spankings out of what reason so ever. Therefore he is open to any contact or request via email address connected with his nick.
Though he is writing an "about me" at Spankingtube he is still remaining anonymous as seen at his avatar shown on left siede. I am also not sure if his age of 55 is correct at present time, a year of birth would be better and alltime valid without demanding updates. I just insert a short sequence from his presentation which you may read in full length at spankingtube:
I don't consider myself a dom or disciplinarian. I can cater a spanking to whatever you're looking for, from a fun, lighthearted one with lots of massage to a serious, disciplinary session. I consider myself a spanko. I like to spank. I've known I liked spanking and women's butts since I was in 1st grade. I started spanking at the age of 13 and haven't looked back. I've spanked my girlfriends and other girls my whole life.
Another purpose is his willingness to share videos from his spankings with us, which prompted me to write this article. Caring for anonymity of himself and his models, he generally avoids showing faces (there are a few exceptions, but I suppose that the models agreed). Several consumers of spanking videos would like to see faces expressing reactions during a spanking. But as agoodspankin reports about received mails, there are always comments about this and that, always proposals or denials. This is normal. Spanking and its execution has so many varieties that it is simply impossible to meet everyone's taste. And: Uttering a comment, either to good or bad is always helpful. Finally, there is still the option of starting your own project instead of criticizing.
So many professional videos are serving a mainstream taste which makes them all similar, and many try to outdo each other with crazy ideas. They try to gain awkwardness with lengthy close-ups on intimate body parts, porn like actions, fancy clothing, strange surroundings and implements. All these details may be possible, but generally may appear unreal or odd and will not help to make a video unique. What I especially like about the amateur made videos of agoodspankin is their natural appearance with models like girls next door and actions never looking staged or exaggerated. Of course, some spectators will find the classic procedure of OTK-Spanking from fully dressed to bare bottom and final cornertime somewhat boring, but this is compensated by fresh amateur models you don't see everywhere.
Regard the following short video with Ebony Essence to understand what I mean. Her short and tight fitting skirt is perfectly displaying her spankable round butt, and it is so sexy to see it flexing and bouncing under the licks of that relatively "light" cooking spoon. And it's truly realistic how she struggles and tries to escape!
Agoodspankin uses many tools. I already mentioned cooking spoons which he favors very much and which is ideal for OTK-Spankings. There is also plenty of handspanking with intermediate caressing and feeling up of the buttocks, very typical for a lover of beautiful female buttocks. This explains why he is confessing himself to be more "a soft spanker" but nevertheless he is also delivering hard blows if wanted or necessary. He also admits that his way of spanking might not be accepted by some other spankers or fans watching his videos. This is normal and an honest statement, but I agree with his great work.
From his many videos at Spankingtube I assembled a collection with 16 videos of different length about his spanking ebonies. As the videos are very perfect (steady and well positioned camera) I only made some minor modifications in brightness or contrast and added his personal branding additionally to that of Spankingtube. Access to this collection is reserved for members of oldtapir. If you are not only confined to ebonies you may visit his account at Spankingtube and look up all his videos.
*) agoodspankin written without g at the end!
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