Apr. 2015 (updated June 2019, Video 3new added)
Brutal CP in Africa (by Michael Tapir)    Please run videos separately to avoid sound interference!
When spanking turns to punishment it may become very severe and also the choice of tools will be very painful and vulnerable, and we should rather speak of beating. This is also completely different from any kind of erotic thrill which is an important fact for spankers, spankees and butt lovers. Only SM orientated people will like such brutal and severe beatings which are administered as punishment or out of anger. But this does not mean that there would be no approval to use CP for criminal acts or misbehaviour. In third world countries there is a strong tendency to execute immediate corporal punishment as kind of self justice or to apply it by authorities like police, teachers or on judicial sentence. This may occur cruel but is working fast and effective.
Of course some punishments will not comply with our sense, when things which we regard as minor offence seem to be sentenced too hard. I think of that recent case of an arab blogger who was sentenced to 1000 cane strokes and additional imprisonment. Though some evil minded bloggers in our society who are mobbing and stalking others while remaining anonimous should really get cane strokes in my opinion.
The following videos show some very brutal punishments of helpless women by several predominant men. Video 1 comes from Angola where two women are mercilessly humiliated and beaten down for having stolen a bottle of champagne. I found this video at youtube but cut off the final scene when they kicked the heads of the poor women after the belting. Video 2 is from South Africa where a woman is beaten by two men for a similar offence (shoplifting?) while another woman (talking) is filming this ugly scene.
Video 3 is from Uganda. Though I don't understand the language, we learn from the background report that culprit Monica did not pay the taximan and this entitled him to beat her. Afterwards she is thrown out of the house for having brought shame on the family. Recently I found Video 3new at Youtube. It is also from Uganda showing a mother beating her daughter. I could not figure out the reason for this severe punishment executed in public.
In the following videos couples are punished by beatings without making any difference between man and woman. Unfortunately it is impossible to learn the reason. Perhaps it is something like adultery though in Africa cheating on wives is very common as well as religion permits several wives at the same time. More likely seems to be the reason to receive punishment for prostitution. Video 4 is again from Uganda whereas Video 5 comes from Zimbabwe and by trying to get some help in translation via internet I was only able to recognize the word "prostitute". It is very difficult with suaheli because there are so many combinings of syllables and words.
I have been thinking quite a lot of time if I should present these videos on this "spanking" site because many of us and me too will regard spanking as hitting the ass in a less severe manner. Thus it might be funny or sexy, sometimes also painful, but never cruel. But that kind of CP shown here also belongs to Africa and I leave it to you how to make up your own mind. It may be disgusting as well as arousing, depending on how you look upon it.
(Sources of videos: Daily Sun, Bukedde TV, NTV Uganda. All via Youtube)
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