Dec. 2021 (updated Apr.2023)
Review Ebony Riley Haze aka Jas Jaybird
Making this article was not easy. In contrast to my similar reports about ebony spanking models I couldn't find out much about Riley Haze despite intensive research on the web. I also did not find a summary of her videos although I only became aware of her through videos which she did at several different producers. This is not unusual within this branch, but her appearance under three different names made it difficult to find her activities. I already had saved two of her videos in my archives and I remembered having seen sample clips of her at OKG Spanking Company where I did not particularly take notice of her.
Some years ago a guy named Blackspanker had started to make videos with his ebony wife Sha which he offered at clips4sale. Now these and more recent videos are avaulable there under his label OKG. Additionally he can be found at Spankingtube as Blackspanker2815. Later he also worked with other spnking models including Sha and also cooperated with different professional videomakers. On my homepage I reported about him and showed some of his early videos, but recently his range of spanking videos has grown very large and it is difficult to make the best choice out of his many short sample clips.
Riley Haze first appears as Jaybird in 3 videos on OKG in 2019 and there exist sample clips on Spankingtube. In one of those clips with only 19 seconds runtime she says her age is 20 years and this might be true, though she seems to look even younger. Perhaps she has been discovered by Blackspanker or Sha. New models are often recruited by friends or relatives who are already active in the scene. I also experienced that in Africa.
Riley is a considerable enrichment in a positive sense among the crowd of Ebony Spanking Models. She is a chubby teenager with a pout and a fantastically round and firm bottom. Her skin is only light coloured, but her African origin still remains visible, and that is not a disadvantage! She shows typical teenage manners, mistakes and stubbornness. Her clothing is normal and not extravagant. There are no strings or thongs, but rather well-fitting cotton panties with a colorful pattern, a very girlish underwear.
I became really aware of Riley through a video series "Riley's long Schoolday" by Paul Tubaman Rogers at Spanking101thevideos. Tubaman offers a total of 13 partial videos with her and there is the same amount of short free sample clips available. I have combined these clips to a new video which is to be found in my video collection (Video 8). I like Riley's particularly sexy and "teenager-like" hairstyle in this video: the hair formed into two balls on the right and left. Hairstyle is quite a theme for ebonies and varies frequently. In the first few videos she has a curly, red colored afro mop, later in black and finally smoothed and very, very long reaching down to her bum!
Except at OKG and Tubaman she also made videos in the follwoing years at some more producers. As far as I know these were Universalspanking, CheerleaderSpankings, TripleA, SarahGregory, Mommaspankings and CleoDivine. All these producers are somehow interconnected. (Cleo Divine is also known as ebony and like Riley very fair-skinned. Therefore I have not yet reported about her on my homepage.)
Riley is an absolutely desirable spankee, without porn activities, tough and over and over again challenging. That really makes her incomparable, and I wish that there will be more from her to be seen in the future, without getting lost in mass production but still remaining unique, natural and very special!
I assembled a collection of videos containing material about which I talked in this report and which is known to me. This collection contains the sample clips, modified and fulltime videos and is available for registered members using their login.
 Update Apr.2023:   Above I described Riley already as somewhat chubby but I recently got a video from a later period (year unknown) of her which she had made with Veronica Ricci where her booty is of considerably bigger size. But nevertheless gorgeous and very spankable. This video is added under #15 in the Video Collection. Furthermore Blackspanker sent me a short video sample where Riley is paddled over jeans:
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