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The first time I mentioned Nuna was in relation with a Video Review in 2016. This early report was mainly about Northernspanking, a well known producer of numerous spanking videos throughout many years. As they had only white actresses they were no subject of my site about ebony spanking. But fortunately their choice of models now included also some ebonies, one of whom was Nuna Starks.
There is not much known about Nuna's biography. Also on her twitter account which she created in 2016, we only find little notes. But she is very busy with plenty of tweets, photos and videoclips. At Spankingtube we can find her in the models' section and you may watch some sample videoclips there. But there is not any closer information about her except her date of birth in 1986.
So we don't know how and when she got into spanking and have to start with her first public spanking video 'Cheering with a sore Bottom' which was released in 2014 by Northernspanking.
Nuna is a promising young cheerleader attending her first convention. Excited at being away from home and no doubt encouraged by others, Nuna consumed alcohol the night before a qualifying round and woke up with a hangover. Coach Reynolds had a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, and gave her a severe spanking punishment. Young Nuna (at lower left in picture collection above) looks very authentic in this role and cheergirl's outfit and it is hard to believe that she is close to the end of her twenties.
Following this impressing first video a second one 'Nuna's painful Punishment' on the same theme from Cheerleader Spankings came out. Now she is punished by her coach: Nuna was one of the best cheergirls on the squad but her attitude had been shocking during the latest trip away supporting their school team. Coach Johnny Lake had been searching for her as her disappearance had been delaying the squad's return to the airport and he found her sleeping in her room! This was the final straw as far as Coach was concerned. He checked he had time before the shuttle left and used it to punish this lazy girl in a very special, nasty wake up call she wouldn't forget in a hurry. A hard bare bottom spanking over his lap followed by 6 strokes of his favorite heavy "stick" with her prostrate in an all fours position that really got the message through! See Nuna in this most severe and humiliating film dressed in an authentic cheergirl uniform. Coach Johnny administers the cane strokes with full force which leaves visible marks on Nuna's adorable black bum. This prooves also her high pain tolerance mixed with a passionate love of spanking what makes her so suitable for more to come.
The next video 'High Stakes Spanking' seems to be of a later period but unlike Northern Spanking's videos it is undated. It is branded with 'Universal Spanking and Punishments' a brand which is associated with NSP and has no homepage of its own but a shop at Spanking Library.
Nuna is on vacation with her boyfriend in Las Vegas and she can't seem to stay on good behavior. While he steps out she begins drinking and flashing her ass out of the hotel window for everyone to see. When her boyfriend arrives back to the room he catches her in the act and he's none too happy! Nuna is evasive and unwilling to tell the truth so he decides to give her a good ass spanking. He bends her over the bed for a long hand spanking to be followed up with an equally long spanking with his leather belt. The belt stings her bottom, making her remember why corporal punishment is so effective in the first place. Next, she gets a dose of the strap, the riding crop, and a hard leather paddle. Each and every implement burns her bottom as she begins to learn again that a well behaved girl can avoid having to walk around with a sore bottom. Finally, she is paddled and caned, leaving her in tears.
A very lovely video which was made about the same period (2017) is 'The Enforcer' by Northern Spanking. Only in part 1 Nuna is spanked by Senior Girl Alex Reynolds. The following description from Northernspanking includes also the second part where Alex is spanked by Paul Kennedy:
Senior girl Alex Reynolds likes to find excuses to turn the junior girls alone across her lap for a spanking. On the all-school field trip, Alex noticed Nuna touching exhibits at the museum. So, upon returning to the hotel, Alex visits Nuna's room. Exaggerating her authority, she tells Nuna that she will definitely get a caning from the Head Teacher, Mr. Kennedy, unless she accepts a spanking from her. Alex demonstrates the problems with touching things that you aren't supposed to with Nuna before giving her a spanking across her lap. First, she just uses her hand, and she mixes in a bit of exploring and touching. Then, she takes a hairbrush to apply to Nuna's adorable bottom. Nuna is whimpering and whining as she is spanked, but perhaps it is not all bad. When Alex asks Nuna if she hates being spanked, she is non-committal. The sore feeling in her bottom is leaving her very confused, it seems.
Also from 2017 there is another video called 'A New Mistake'. One mistake too far sees secretary Nuna and her long-suffering boss sharing a too-small hotel room for the duration of their business trip. Luckily, Mr Kennedy always brings a specific piece of business equipment with him on such trips... His cane!
Point with your mouse on the following preview pics to start a series of more pictures to get an impression of what to see in the videos, and when you click on the title below, you can watch a short sample clip as provided by Northernspanking.
This is not the end of reporting about Nuna. Because of the included sample pics, videoclips and links this site has become very large already and it will be continued with a second part. During the past I did a lot of research and background work to make this report and arrange all material connected with it in own subdirectories which are not particularly mentioned in the Update section but can be accessed in the following Links Appendix.
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