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Video Review: Schooltime Memories (by Michael Tapir)
Beautiful young Françoise from Ivory Coast had just finished school where she had been a very busy pupil, and she had even started learning German, relatively unusual in this country. Considering her knowledge and application I did not doubt about her success in any further occupation. When I met her the first time, she uttered the desire to discuss some aspects of her future with me, and we made a date.
Unfortunately she did not arrive in time and kept me waiting for nearly 40 minutes. So I decided to discipline her for being tardy. As it was our first meeting, I did not strictly confront her with a punishment, but started a discussion about schooltime discipline and punishments, which of course also included corporal punishments and beatings, as frequently practised in Africa. Of course she had never experienced any serious punishment herself, because she was a really good pupil. But she had witnessed plenty and remembered well how it was done within her class, and she reported about it upon my requests.
At this point of our conversation it was no difficulty to switch to reality and make her understand that she had to undergo a disciplinary spanking for the offence of coming too late. As earlier discussed I promised her a good oldfashioned English style spanking, just as she knew from her school days. She willingly obeyed my orders in adopting different positions, and took it as well as over panties as on the bare. This perfectly round and stretched out bottom asked for sound spankings, and after the initial warmup with my hands I also tried some more stinging implements like a wooden cooking spoon, a narrow leather strap and a small martinet with those thin but sturdy leather stripes. Especially this implement made her nearly lose control, because I directed some strokes very skilfully close to her most sensitive private parts, which were absolutely at my mercy in the center of her widely stuck out behind.
As she had reported about her studies of German language, I wanted to prove her knowledge and ordered her to count the swats in German. Of course she made mistakes, perhaps due to the strange situation. For me this meant more reason to continue punishing her. When her ordeal was over, we finally had a nice evening together and she had learned her lesson and promised, never to be late again.
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Video Review: Wet Panty Spanking
An evening later I had once more a date with Françoise. This time I intended to give her a very special spanking. As usual I had brought along some nice panties for present to spank the girls wearing them. For Françoise I selected a pair of thin pink silk panties which would perfectly encase her firm bubble but. After a short warmup handspanking I wet her panties and made her wear them to continue with the spanking. This might of course have increased her embarrassment and the snug fitting panties turned to see through and provided a very lovely and exciting display of this gorgeous bottom. I slapped her again with the hand and later it was also the martinet and the cooking spoon.
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