Jan. 2015
Much Ado about Spanking (written and compiled by Michael Tapir)
"Much Ado about Nothing" was the title of a comedy by Shakespeare. For some people Spanking itself and everything related to it may be a very important thing, for others it may be a nice trifling matter. There have been many contrasting echos to the video which I shared in my previous Report where a caribbian mom punishs her daughter. Though I did not give any statement but only reported about this incident, some malicious people from Germany insulted me of glorifying the beating of children. Punishment like this is never my idea of spanking; but as spanking is covering a wide field, things like that should also be mentioned and it should be left to everybody himself how to judge or think about it.
There was an even stronger echo at social networks from where the video originated. This caused the elder sister of that 12year old girl to release an additional video #1 where she is apologizing for her mother and praising her love and care for her children. Finally the younger sister (video #2) is also declaring that she had deserved the punishment and that she is deeply sorry for what she had done and promises never to do this again. She also reminds others to keep her punishment in mind to prevent them from similar misdeeds.
The video is long and of bad quality. Therefore I tried to improve it by providing more brightness and I also separated the parts of each sister. Watch the result in the following two videos (but don't run videos simutaneously to prevent sound interference):
At Youtube there have been 50 comments on the punishment video and 20 mainly approving at WickedHype where it is shared too. You may read them by visiting the links below.
Related to a similar subject is the following videoclip no.3 which I found at Facebook. There is nothing reported about the age of this girl who is beaten up by her mother. But I suppose she may be underaged because she is punished after dating with a man. This beating is also of afro-caribbean origin and much more serious than the first one about which I reported earlier:
In this special case Facebook seems to be a larger platform than Youtube because out of a tremendous number of viewers 678 have commented, more than 900 visitors have shared and liked the video! From bad experience I will not utter my opinion but just picked out some comments on which it is worth to reflect:
Don't say it's Barbaric coz it's a different culture than your's... when your culture allows your sister to go around the streets almost naked, and we don't allow that in our contenants.... learn how to respect before you judge on something that is not in your level of understanding.
Oh yes that's African mama for u she want the best for her daughter
If you're african girl you should know better, parents tell you to keep away from boys since you're born don't be surprised when you come home to a whooping
White people have always somthing negative to say about African culture and way of life. If you don't respect my culture don't expect from me to respect yours !! African parents are the best
I got beaten worse for less..lol..And I thank my Papa for it everyday..Made me a strong African woman..This doesn't even look that bad..
She is a good mother she knows how to raise a kid god bless you mother
She deserves more than the beating. She needs some cayenne pepper as well. That will teach her to keep her legs close until she's old enough for a RESPONSIBLE MAN to come and make her his wife.
Failed parenting. If she was such a good mother then the daughter would know better. So beat the mom.
I'm from Trinidad and I got this is the type of beating from my dad and stepmother when I was small. I never look at my dad as though he abused me cause that's the way I know how Trinidadians beat their kids, time change now so probably they don't beat like that any more
She is even lucky her mum didn't strip her naked. This is to teach her a lesson. Next time don't enter any man's room. I am a product of a strong African woman and got beatings worse than this and today I am happy my mum corrected me with canes and anytime I am awarded. I don't spare my lil girl too.
One spectator suspected that a mother would never beat her child so furiously and that she might more likely be the wife of that man with whom the girl had a date. Well, we don't know the truth, but also of those facts there are examples galore, and as today also in third world countries smartphones have become common, there are more and more scenes like this filmed and published.
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