June 2022
Linksite updated, New Links added
Through a request for link exchange, I realized that my link list needed to be updated. After switching from my COM domain to EU in 2015 (read this article), many mutual links were out of date. Few webmasters followed my hint and changed the URL. Some websites were also no longer available and I removed the dead links. Due to the change, my ranking on search engines also got lost. The URL oldtapir.com still exists, but is offered for sale for about USD 3000. Unfortunately not from me, because I had just given it up and some pool that seized it for free and still keeps it, wants to benefit from it. After all, with the invention of this premiun address, I have created an object of value, LOL!
My link page primarily contains websites of friends or other websites that have linked me too, or sites with a relationship to Ebony content. In any case, however, those pages have content referring to spanking. In addition to the link page, I also give links in text- and video pages to websites mentioned there.
Especially I would like to recommend to all video friends the newly added link to a website of kinkytom.com:
The link leads directly to a subdirectory that contains a collection of Ebony Spanking videos from many various producers. Each video is presented with an image, a short description, a preview clip of good length (about 1 min.) and a link to buy the full-time video*). A very nice and interesting compilation!
At the end of my link list I have referred to two other websites of mine in German language. After all, I'm not only interested in Ebony Spanking, but in Spanking and Fetish in general. And there is also a lot to discover e.g. in Asia. Even if you don't understand German, you can watch pictures and videos, and now there are also quite good online translation offers.
*) Some fulltime videos introduced to on this site are also available for free on my website for registered members.
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