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Updates + free Content of Years 2018-Today
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08.03.24: Report Ebony Ana F. (updated)
24.02.24: Report RedCharls updated (+ links to picture galeries)
21.07.23: Report Spanked Ebonies at Realspankings (+ links,links to videos)
03.06.23: Report Nursing Student caned in Uganda (+ videoclip)
26.04.23: Report agoodspankin c/o. Spankingtube (+ link to videocollection)
02.04.23: Report Ebony Riley H. updated (+ videoclip added)
02.03.23: Report Ebony Chanell H. (+ clips, pictures, links)
(more Updates and new files in 2023 for Members)
11.10.22: American Amateur Ebonies Login required!  (+ link to video collection)
26.09.22: Report and Video Review: An unexpected Surprise  (+ videolinks)
19.06.22: Report Linksite updated (+ links)
18.06.22: Links (updated, new links added)
06.05.22: Report RedCharls  (Gallery 252 added)
02.02.22: Report African Webcam Spanking (+ links, clips, pictures)
(+ 15 Updates and new files in 2022 for Members)
06.12.21: Report Ebony Riley H. (+ links, pictures)
02.11.21: Reports updated: The Tutor's Study and Uniformspanking
01.08.21: Editor's Newsletter
(+ 17 Updates and new files in 2021 for Members)
23.12.20: Videoclips (2 new clips added)
04.05.20: Report Ebony Ivy S. (+ linkpage, videos, pictures)
26.02.20: Report Amazing Amateurs (+ linkpage, videos, pictures)
(+ 9 Updates and new files in 2020 for Members)
16.09.19: Report Slavery lives on (+ linkpage, videos, pictures)
30.08.19: Report Ebony Actress Ana F. (+pictures and videos)
22.07.19: Editor's Newsletter
15.07.19: Nuna S. Part 3 (updated)
10.06.19: Brutal CP in Africa (video 3new added)
12.05.19: Clip Rachelle Spaked on Sunday
19.04.19: Review Ebony Daizy C. (+ linkpage, videos, pictures)
06.04.19: Sample Clip Wedgie Spanking
13.02.19: RedCharls (Links to new Picture Gallery 342 added)
13.02.19: Nuna S. Part 2 (updated new pict. gallery for members added)
03.01.19: Editor's Newsletter
(+ More than 20 Updates and new files in 2019 for Members)
11.10.18: Nuna S. Part 3
11.10.18: Linkpage Nuna S.
12.09.18: Big Booty Time (updated new videoclip added)
07.09.18: Review OhhTeeKay (updated)
02.09.18: RedCharls (Link to new Picture Gallery 336 added)
27.02.18: RedCharls (Links to new Picture Galleries added)
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